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Kind and effective solutions for people and their dogs


“We have been very impressed by Elaine Heath.  Elaine has been helpful, friendly and approachable and comes across as very caring.

She has given us great advice and follows up with e-mails and phone calls. We are very grateful to her for all of her help and would recommend her to anyone needing support with their dog.”   Ritchie and Jonathan

“We can’t thank Elaine enough for training us to get the best from Sweep. In addition to work with myself and husband, Elaine worked 1:1with my young children and Sweep when he was still a young puppy.

Elaine has always been available to discuss any concerns outside our formal sessions and gives sensible easy to adopt advice that you know will work.”  Liz

"Elaine’s method of training, using a calm voice and small treats to reward good behaviour has worked very well with our Labrador puppy - Daisy-May and we have recommended her to friends."  Jennie

“We took our Portuguese Water Dog, Mia, to Elaine's puppy training classes which were excellent. We followed this with her basic obedience classes, also excellent. We have since had some 121 training for a few specific behaviours we wanted to focus on. Elaine demonstrates an impressive understanding of both dogs and their owners! We particularly like her training methods which are based on empathy and reward. Every dog deserves a trainer like Elaine.”  Frank and Ulla

“I just wanted to say how great we all found your lessons. You really have given us the tools and insight into helping us train our little Saffron. We are both feeling more confident about all aspects.                                                                       
Thank you so much for your help and patience and very generous giving of you time, long beyond the scheduled hour. We will of course call you if we need some extra help and guidance after we have done our best to implement your techniques over the coming weeks.” Simon and Charlotte

“As stated, in my telephone message, please find attached copy of donation made to Dog A.I.D.

Once again, thank you for your help and advice, which was a complete success.”   Mike and Kay

“Elaine, thank you so much!  I thoroughly enjoyed the training on Friday and so appreciative that you were able to make such a late session. Hastings was absolutely finished after you had left and fell asleep almost instantly. I've been practising over the weekend with him and I'm already truly amazed at how effective your techniques can be - I cannot thank you enough. Thanks for the training plan and all the links too - I'll be purchasing the fish4dogs treats.”  Victoria and Bjorn


“I keep meaning to thank you for probably the most important thing you've given us since working with Penny - a connection, a bond and deep love for my dog. From the start, encouraging her to actually look at me made such a difference.”  Caroline

Elaine Heath and Jasmin

Elaine Heath Dog Training
07887 553715
Surrey &
West Sussex
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